I work a lot with small businesses, freelancers, business owners who have no employees and a smaller budget for their website. In those cases, I am usually able to handle the project by myself.

However, I also work with medium to large businesses. As you may guess, a website for a large business is a bigger project than a website for a freelancer. Often times, large businesses will want a new logo to be designed, or they want me to come up with the text for their website, or they want me to provide a full SEO solution (sometimes all of the above!) I don’t specialize in any of those services, so that is when I call upon experts to help me complete a project.

Wayne Mitchell

Red Caddy

Graphic Designer

Over the last twenty-six years in the creative field, Wayne maintains a passion for corporate identity and branding development, and is committed to helping clients achieve their sales and growth goals. His experience ranges from designing new visual identities, trade show displays, all manner of print and marketing materials for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Darlene Moore


Digital Marketing Expert

Darlene is a 14 year veteran in the search marketing industry and she is passionate about getting results for you. She worked in some very popular and controversial industries where she did email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google AdWords (aka PPC or Pay Per Click). Darlene has an incredibly diverse background on the web (ask her about creating HTML web pages on a 2400 baud modem!)

Sue and Marc Morin

HBS Business Solutions

Virtual Assistants

Sue and Marc from HBS Solutions provide clients with peace of mind, by taking care of the day to day tasks so that they can focus on their clients and gaining new business. What are the benefits to hiring the HBS Business Solutions Team? Sue has 7 years experience as a VA and numerous years as a office admin. Marc has 12+ years experience as an office clerk. Plus, you hire us for the amount of work that is required.

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